Coding & Engineering

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D4I’s project based engineering curriculum has been designed to present real world problems to engage and challenge students to explore a broad range of engineering solutions. By incorporating a coding element, we teach our participants to think out of the box. Students will follow the three steps: deconstruct, imitate, and make their own.

Deconstruct working prototypes

  • Examine and determine the workings of each part
  • Record and measure
  • Make diagrams

Imitate the working prototype

  • Reverse engineer
  • Redesign the prototype
  • Iterate

o   Brainstorm ways to make it better

Coding and 3D design

  • Iterate
  • Sketch concept design
  • Create design in Sketch-up
  • 3D Print
  • Model Making
  • Code in JavaSript and build a circuit 

Let us explore how their innovation can make a difference in the world